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Zero Energy Building and Benefits

Amid rising concerns regarding the increasing energy prices, the popularly-discussed climate change impact, and the growing global energy independence, reports show that buildings are the main energy consumers in most parts of the world. This fact emphasizes the significance of targeting energy use of the buildings as a key to lessening energy utilization. The building […]

Solutions for Heat Island Effects

The heat island effect is a phenomenon that results in a dome of gathered heat over a certain location. In most cases, this phenomenon only occurs in urban and industrial areas. This effect is very evident because the heat temperature in that affected locations is significantly higher than that of the surrounding rural areas. It […]

What does Eco Design Mean?

Eco design basically means designing for a building or product that will result in the most positive impact on the environment. It is a design style that eliminates the possibility of increasing global warming impact and greenhouse gasses emissions. In the construction and building industry, many contractors are now incorporating sustainable designs into the options […]

NASA Reports Continues Long-Term Global Warming

According to NASA scientists, 2014 is the warmest year recorded since 1880. There is video that displays the global temperature averages in five-year time series. As time passes by, the red color indicating warming can be seen increasing, meaning that the Earth is indeed getting warmer. The video shows the estimated changing global warmth from […]