Commercial. – Sustainable design is not concentrated on residential structures alone, many corporations and businesses are also very much into sustainability because of their keen awareness on their CSR. It is therefore become a necessity for construction companies to offer sustainable commercial building designs for their corporate clients.

At EcoDesignCompany, businesses can be assured that their new buildings are going to be planned, constructed and maintained sustainably and the costs of the construction are going to be truly worth it. For existing commercial structures, renovations can also be performed in the most sustainable ways. With enhancements and replacements specifically placed in areas where non-renewable resources are traditionally used.

For instance old lighting fixtures are going to be replaced by innovative lighting systems that use renewable and energy-efficient resources. Lighting systems account for around 30% of commercial buildings’ energy use. By adapting innovative lighting systems and by practicing light conservation techniques it is very much possible to significantly lower monthly utility bills while improving workplace conditions and reducing greenhouse gasses emissions. By changing incandescent light bulbs with new energy-efficient CFL (compact fluorescent light) and HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs, commercial buildings become sustainable and healthier environments for workers and tenants.

Water conservation is another important factor that could lead commercial building into sustainability. Commercial buildings in real estate are now implementing initiatives in cutting back water usage. This is where low flow urinals and toilets become essential fixtures.

For the best sustainable design for your commercial building it is best to have a thorough discussion with your chosen contractor. If you want reliability, promptness of service and dedicated sustainable designs, you would never go wrong with EcoDesign. We build sustainable commercial buildings that would stand the test of time when it comes to durability and would give you the biggest savings when it comes to energy-efficiency.

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